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Dear Visitors!
Welcome to this Centre’s website, the virtual extension of the National Soil Services Centre (NSSC) under Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests.

This website, besides making an effort to disseminate background information on the mandate and technical capabilities, intends to inform you on the activities of the Centre and to let you know how NSSC can possibly help you in the fields of soil and land management.

The site is arranged in such a way that you can find detailed information on all the Units of the Centre listed categorically – Soil & Plant Analytical Laboratory, Soil Microbiology Unit, Soil Survey Unit, Soil Fertility Unit & Land Management Unit – the latter added after the World Bank/GEF funded Sustainable Land Management Project terminated.

It is anticipated that through your visit to this website, you will receive the information you seek related to soils and land management and you will use this platform to provide your valuable feedback, comments, questions, suggestions etc. to further strengthen our linkage and enhance our interactions.