His Majesty The King of Bhutan “Bhutan’s difficult terrain means that only 7 percent or 664,000 acres of our total land is usable. We must do everything to ensure that our limited land is put to the best use for the benefit of our people and their children.” His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo

NSSC Programs

Land Management Program (LMP)

The Land Management Program has been established from July 2013 after the termination of Sustainable Land Management Program (2006-13) funded . . . . . .

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Soil Survey Program (SSP)

Soil Survey Program (SSP)  Soil Survey Program alias Bhutan Soil Survey Project (BSSP) was executed through an inter-governmental agreement between . . . . . .

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Wobthang field

Rinchen Sazhi - An Official Theme Song


Effects of Organic & Chemical fertilizers

Earthworms feed on aged manure or organic wastes and excrete the wastes as castings (worm manure) an organic material rich in nutrients that look like fine-textured soil.

Green manuring is the practice of growing lush plants on the site into which you want to incorporate organic matter, then turning into the soil while it is still fresh. The plant material used in this way is called a green manure.

Measurements of trial plots are an integral part of any complete and successful trial. The plots vary in shapes and sizes. The simplest way to calculate the area of irregular plots using only a tape measure is to divide them into rectangles and triangles, using small wooden stakes.

Application of fertilizers for crops – both field and horticultural crops require prior analysis of the soil to determine the fertility status. Depending on the fertility status, the type and amount of fertilizer to be applied needs to be carefully calculated to avoid inadequacies and excesses.